Agony & Ecstasy: A year with English National Ballet

BBC, 3 x 60 - Series Producer / Director

BAFTA & Double Grierson Nominated series. Behind the scenes of the English national Ballet’s most turbulent year.

***** “Damn good television. gripping stuff... expert storytelling... It lays bare the sheer hard graft involved in the pursuit of not only profit but also artistic excellence. And, unlike Black Swan, it’s for real.” - Donald Hutera, The Times.

“The best arts television of this year” – The Telegraph

“This is a f***ing brilliant documentary”, ”A beautifully told and unexpected story” - Caitlan Moran, The Times.

Agony & Ecstasy, we get a kind of Real Black Swan. There's less broken glass and psychosis, but still plenty of madness…it’s basically Pineapple Dance Studios for posh people. I'm hooked – The Guardian

“Best programme of the week... riveting” – AA Gill, Sunday Times.

You thought Black Swan was a nightmare depiction of the ballet world? Now watch Agony & Ecstasy: A Year With English National Ballet – The arts desk